Feamales in racist :There is nothing more frightful than lack of knowledge doing his thing

“There is absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing more frightful than lack of knowledge for action,” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. a sign that is crucial of within our modern society is threshold towards those who are various. Hatred and intolerance for foreigners supersedes logic and apparent facts and truths.

For pretty much per week, a video clip featuring Cypriot ladies showering invectives and unpleasant remarks at a Russian girl in a motor vehicle park in Larnaca went viral on YouTube.

The obscenity and spoken physical violence associated with attack is beyond belief! I happened to be really flabberghasted!

Inevitably, as being a Romanian-born, but Cypriot resident for over five years, it is hard to substitute for some other observer.

But tolerance to intolerance is dangerous and I also need to use a stand and show my outrage only at that certain event, with respect to the Romanian community.

Handling this problem, it’s important to gain access to its complexity. Läs mer