ISIS Wives Jealous of Sex Slaves; Husbands purchase Virgins for $10K on Apps, Rape 9-Y-O Girls

Seven ladies who lived as spouses to Islamic State fighters in Syria have actually opened up about their husbands’ barbaric methods, such as for instance buying virgins on intercourse servant apps and girls that are raping young as 9 years old.

The ladies had been caught wanting to get a cross the border into Turkey, and are also now being held at a displacement camp for females in Northern Syria, MailOnline reported on Sunday.

A journalist was told by the women from Arabic television that the extremists had been paying as much as $10,000 for virgin sex mail order brides slaves on apps, where additionally they shared images of victimized females and girls in makeup. Läs mer

Citron has planted the seed of a growing debate over the likelihood of using civil liberties legislation to make sure equal possibilities for ladies on the web

“There’s no silver bullet for addressing this issue,” Citron claims. But current legislation has set the groundwork for possible future reforms. Federal civil liberties legislation can discipline “force or threats of force” that affect a person’s work based on competition, faith, or nationwide origin. That protection, however, doesn’t currently stretch to threats geared towards a person’s gender. Nonetheless, other areas for the Civil Rights Act frame workplace harassment that is sexual discriminatory, and needs companies to implement policies to both restrict and remedy discrimination at work. Läs mer